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Wealth Management

The prime mission of CFS is to offer its clients professional, independent and tailored advice, in a confidential manner, based on trusting, long-term relationship. CFS’s prime focus is the preservation and accumulation of international capital assets through tailored and bespoke solutions, which are based on diversification, asset allocation and financial planning.

  • CFS provides independent financial advice which focuses on each individual client’s circumstances to design appropriate solutions which are tailored to their specific objectives and requirements;
  • Structuring and strategic management of family assets and capital, including estate planning, corporate advice to create holding structures to safely protect private assets, etc.; 
  • Provision of full-scope services including legal, immigration, financial and investment solutions, ensuring a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to clients that achieves all their required objectives;
  • Personalised solutions to aid growth of family wealth, education and ensuring optimal transference of wealth to future generations.

Investment & Tax Advice

Financial Planning

Succession Planning

CFS brings exceptional experience to bear for wealthy international families, providing them with advice and consultancy on long-term tax planning and structuring solutions, whilst ensuring daily transactions are professionally scrutinised for any tax and regulatory implications.
– Assists with investment management, utilising both top-down and bottom-up investment strategies, whilst taking into account clients’ preferences;
– Ensuring all clients’ capital and assets are within one financial plan, positioning them towards achieving long-term objectives, together with short-term goals;
– Creating individual strategies for clients according to their goals, market expectations and risk tolerance and allocating assets both actively and passively, or through single-line holdings;
– By providing independent and professional solutions, clients may choose from a broad range of asset classes and investment opportunities, as well as choosing appropriate lead managers in each asset class, being responsible for executing the agreed strategy;
– Regularly monitoring and reviewing clients’ investments to ensure strategies are on track thus achieving identified objectives; whilst continually reviewing financial plans in order to reflect changes in circumstances, and/or market conditions

CFS understands the need and importance of creating clear financial goals with precisely considered financial plans thus enabling achievement of those goals. Financial planning is appropriate to clients’ family needs, circumstances and position. Coupled with the continual review of all necessary details, ensuring that any plan remains suitable and flexible; objectives are achievable and incorporate the ability to changes, when circumstances do.
The approach made to Financial Planning by CFS, is namely:
– Getting to know clients and family members;
Full audit of current circumstances along with personal details, such as: income, career, family, expenditure, insurance, pensions, savings, investments etc.
– Preparation of the personalised Financial Plan
Preparation requires analysis and evaluation of all relevant information, including income and expenditure, net worth, cash flow forecasting, risk profiling, taxation etc.
– Implementation of the personalised Financial Plan
Implementation of the Financial Plan will include initiating strategies that involve financial planning concept. Successful implementation requires choosing methods to achieve specified goals with effective coordination in order to initiate processes presented in the personalised Financial Plan.
– Ongoing monitoring and reviewing the personalised Financial Plan
CFS firmly believe that financial planning is a dynamic process and in order to continuously meet stated goals; clients need ongoing support and advice. CFS works together with clients over the long term to ensure that the tailored Financial Plan remains on course whilst the Financial Plan remains flexible enough to meet changing circumstances. CFS monitors and advises on all aspects of the stated investment strategy; conducts regular review meetings, reports and action plans

Over time, CFS has dealt with various families and recognises that whether clients are first-generation entrepreneurs, or derive from a history of family wealth, vital effective succession planning is in place. CFS provides an important service in supporting clients’ families in succession planning, whilst protecting family governance and is an integral part in considering major decisions. CFS’ approach to succession planning is rooted in a deep and practical understanding of the family, its wealth and unique circumstances and it strives to help families develop and implement their plans to pass on an enduring legacy